The company DELFORNO is a historic industrial company in Rivoli, just outside of Turin. It was founded in 1952 by Felice Delforno, under the name of "Delforno Elettronica Industriale".
The original company name underlined the electronic vocation of the company. The initial operational focus of the company was the construction and sale of: electronic controls for welders, spot welders, phase shift bridges and high and medium frequency electronic generators for induction hardening.

Soon it became necessary to open a specific department dedicated to induction hardening processes, since, in addition to the growing demand for this type of processing, this department offered the possibility of presenting the machinery to potential purchasers of generators.

In 1958 the reins of the company were taken in hand by his wife who was in charge of the management until 1971, the year in which the baton was passed to Salvatore and Perenchio, who respectively held the positions of manager of operational management and electronic technician.
In 1995 Salvatore acquired the company, beginning a series of investments that allowed further growth of the company.

Throughout its history, the Delforno company has continually improved the skills of the workers and the quality of the production, following regulations concerning occupational safety. Over time the Delforno company, thanks to the solid foundations on which it was built, has earned the esteem of numerous client companies that constantly renew their trust.

DELFORNO srl  Rivoli (TO)


  • Delforno deals exclusively with induction hardening since 1952.
  • Important Italian and foreign companies use our services.
  • High quality in the product and in the controls.
  • Quick and punctual deliveries compared to what is shared with the customer.
  • Collaboration with the customer.
  • Hardening from single piece to large series.
  • Maximum tempering length 6000 mm.
  • Heat treatments are performed on all shapes of parts: molds, valves, shafts, cylinders, gears, racks, pinions, cams, gibs, pins, chucks, blades, pulleys, and many more!.
  • Leader in induction hardening

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